The Original League for Justice (poster)


A poster that commemorates racial justice movement building in Oakland and across the world. All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Parent Leadership Action Network, an organization that trains and organizes parents to advocate for quality education in public schools.

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This poster was commissioned by the Akonadi Foundation in 2012 as part of their annual poster project to honor racial justice movement building in Oakland, California, and across the world.

This poster depicts 5 historic/cultural figures (L-R): Baby Occupy (the new movement), Avalokitesvara (the Buddha of compassion), Ma’at (the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice), Huerta (labor leader, warrior mother), and Nisien (Welsh mythological figure who represents peace and generosity).

All proceeds from purchases of this poster will be donated to Parent Leadership Action Network, a nonprofit organization that trains and organizes parents to be leaders in their children’s education, because it takes engaged parents to turn struggling schools into thriving schools.

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