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Book Gifting to Empower Children of Color

Imagine if every child had a book that reflected who they are and the people they love with strength, dignity, and possibility. Imagine if every child had a book that supported their self-confidence, and allowed them to be proud of who they are. And now imagine if every child had two, or three, or eight […]

Recommended books for People and Children of Color, White Allies, and Progressive Families

I have a short list of 26 children’s books that I love, and love to gift without hesitation. I wanted to share them with you as a tool for your gift giving endeavors. These books are part of the collection I started in college, children’s books for myself  because they embody the books I wish I […]

Why Books for Children of Color?

This past weekend my husband surprised me with a date to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. As we approached the museum, a super-modern cube turned on its end, I still wasn’t certain of our destination. We passed the gift shop window, and I saw a small display for The Snowy Day, a long-time […]