Archive: Where is all the uplifting literature for people of color?

Where is all the uplifting literature for People of Color?  (First posted May 2013) What kind of books do you turn to when you want to take a break, be inspired, or get a solid dose of joy? Do the sheroes and heroes of these books share your heritage, your ancestry, your world view? In place of uplifting […]

Are there limits to Inclusion? Well, Yes and no.

I have been asked a good and valid question  once or twice now – in different forms – and I wanted to give it some time and attention. The question boils down to: How do you reconcile your effort to be inclusive with the fact that Oh, Oh, Baby Boy! is based on a heterosexual […]

Reminded that we are not alone – Thank you Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers

I remember being 7 and loving children’s books. I wasn’t so much a voracious reader as I was a child who absorbed and consumed the experience of storytelling, the experience of holding a book in my hands, smelling it, turning its pages.  And I remember being 7, and experiencing the heartbreak of feeling like I […]

Book Gifting to Empower Children of Color

Imagine if every child had a book that reflected who they are and the people they love with strength, dignity, and possibility. Imagine if every child had a book that supported their self-confidence, and allowed them to be proud of who they are. And now imagine if every child had two, or three, or eight […]

Recommended books for People and Children of Color, White Allies, and Progressive Families

I have a short list of 26 children’s books that I love, and love to gift without hesitation. I wanted to share them with you as a tool for your gift giving endeavors. These books are part of the collection I started in college, children’s books for myself  because they embody the books I wish I […]

Why Books for Children of Color?

This past weekend my husband surprised me with a date to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. As we approached the museum, a super-modern cube turned on its end, I still wasn’t certain of our destination. We passed the gift shop window, and I saw a small display for The Snowy Day, a long-time […]