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Are you an author, illustrator, or nonprofit organization that would like to publish a book with Blood Orange Press?

If so, please click on the appropriate link below to complete a submission form. As resources become available to publish more books, we’ll refer to these form responses to identify authors, illustrators, and nonprofits to work with!

Some notes…

Please complete a separate form for each manuscript you would like us to consider.

Your manuscript is protected by copyright, and Blood Orange Press as a publisher cannot (and will not) publish your manuscript without your express written permission. Anything you share on our forms will be used by Blood Orange Press for reference purposes only. We will contact you if we’d like to learn more about your book. After some communication, if Blood Orange Press would like to publish your book, you would be invited to sign a contract with us.

Please do not contact us to inquire about your submission. We are unable to respond to submission inquiries.

Thank you for your time, and considering us for your book.

We wish you all the best in your creativity!

AUTHORSClick here if you’re an author and would like to submit a manuscript for consideration.

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NONPROFITSClick here if you’re a nonprofit organization and would like to publish a book with us to advance your mission.